About Us

Let’s see…I’ve been single (boy have I been single). I’ve done online dating, blind dates, fixed up by friends, engaged, married, divorced, now engaged again…sigh. I do believe it’s safe to say that I more than qualify to speak on the in’s and out’s of every type of relationship. I have managed to somehow balance it all while being a mother of two girls, one of which has autism, a writer and an entrepreneur. Join me on this journey of dating tips, do’s, dont’s, relationship topics and my original blog series D8ingSarah.

The D8ingSarah blog series follows Sarah, a single mom of two girls, on an adventure of online dating. You will see the good, the bad and the hilariously excruciating through the eyes of an everyday woman looking for the not-so-everyday love. Some tales are based true events, others are not…guessing which is which is half of the fun, so be sure to subscribe to keep up with Sarah and her dating up’s and down’s.