Hi All! I know it’s been a while, but so many things have taken place. I lost my dear, sweet mother who has been very ill for quite sometime, so I just needed a bit to get myself together.  There’s nothing like a loss of this magnitude to really place things into perspective.  I thank her for all that she’s ever done for me, everything she’s ever taught and for always believing in me…telling meRead More
I guess the easiest way to perhaps even attempt to avoid a stressful relationship, is to be selective. Finding someone hot, sexy and rich is cute and all…but really?  Cute can turn un-cute rather quickly when you have to go deeper than someone’s looks or their pockets/purse. Date someone with good core values These people usually care about how they treat people, and will usually only treat others the way they want to be treated.Read More
Every single mom has a dream to meet that knight in shining armor to marry her and live the fairy tale life, right?  RIGHT?  Not exactly…not if you’re a single autism mom, that is.  In light of this being the end of April, Autism Awareness Month, and as a mom of a child with autism, let me explain a few reasons as to why that may be.     Mess, Not Mess Here’s a GRRRRREAT reason toRead More
So you’re getting all prepped and ready for a little sexy time, you make your entrance into your bedroom and the dog is already in your bed looking back at you like “What’s good?” and your mate is tucked in with the dog, cracking up, quoting and watching the movie Friday. Can you say mood killer? It seems to have become a trend now, once you’re out of the “honeymoon” phase, so let’s talk aboutRead More
  It’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day! Not quite sure what to do? Chocolate, candy, flowers, cards…all sweet, but very, very typical. Let’s use some creativity people! Think about it.  There’s nothing that touches the heart more than receiving a delivery to your door. I mean really, just think of how excited you get when you receive a delivery of something you simply ordered from Amazon. Here are a few his and hers Valentine’sRead More
I love you, you love me. Let’s move in together.  You betcha! Ahh…cute, right?  Sure, until that toilet paper roll is left empty one too many times, or while in bed every time he reaches over to get the dog, he pulls the cover clean off of you. Sounds like bliss right? Not really? No worries, let’s explore ways to find your happy place within your four walls. Is it really that bad? Anyone whoRead More
  Having the sex life that you want...Let's face it, relationships are filled with  compromises, BUT how far should you take the compromise? Does it include sex? What are you willing to give up for the sake of balance? Are you willing to sacrifice some of your most sensual pleasures for the sake of meeting your mate halfway? Weighing it all out can be a bit daunting, but sex should be the fun part ofRead More