Cohabitation Hell…How to Happily Coexist

Cohabitation Hell…How to Happily Coexist

I love you, you love me. Let’s move in together.  You betcha! Ahh…cute, right?  Sure, until that toilet paper roll is left empty one too many times, or while in bed every time he reaches over to get the dog, he pulls the cover clean off of you. Sounds like bliss right? Not really? No worries, let’s explore ways to find your happy place within your four walls.

Is it really that bad?

Anyone who has ever lived on their own has developed a system so to speak, as to how they do things. And that’s okay, your system could be a perfectly well oiled machine…for you that is, and your mate probably thinks the same about their system. My suggestion, sit down and talk about the way each of you handles household bills, food shopping, even what cable package you guys will choose. The key to smooth sailings here is communication. You may even find that to your surprise, someone may just have a simpler way of doing things.

Everyday habits

So they like to sleep with the television on, huh? Let the water bottles get too low in the fridge before refilling? Either of these things could drive someone nuts if they’re used to things not being this way, but before you bitch, moan and start World War III over it.  Stop, breathe and think, is it really worth raging over? You love this person, and they love you. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be sharing the same bed at this level.  Any topic like this can easily be discussed without you sounding like  Whiney Wonder about it. Try to mention it to the person when you’re no longer wound up about it. This will make for a smoother conversation with less emotion. This way they won’t sense frustration in your tone, and things can be discussed without turning into a situation where the other person feels as if you’re pointing a finger at them, because that can make a person become quickly annoyed. Once annoyed it could easily turn into a petty, tip for tap, and that creates an argument that no one wants to have. So remember, pay attention to your positioning, your tone and speak about it during a relaxed moment.

In the end

So you see, just about any of the little things that don’t seem to quite fit, can be worked out, if talked about calmly. Also recognize that all of them will seem magnified when you first invade one another’s space, but in time, as long as you continue to have flowing conversation, they will certainly fade. If not, at least each of you will know what works the other’s nerves and be respectful of that. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cohabitation Hell…How to Happily Coexist

  1. Honestly, I think a lot of people worry too much about the little things. I know there are things about me that annoy my husband, and vise versa, but over time we actually seem to care less about the quirks, lol! Living together is 99% super fun 🙂

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