D8ingSarah Series

Follow Sarah, a single mom of two, on her online dating journey…

the good…the bad…and the hilarious.




          (Sarah’s Brownstone Apartment the Day After Her Date)
Sarah emerges from her bedroom wearing a tank top and yoga pants that hug every single curve. She stops, stretches, then walks to the cabinet, grabs a glass and proceeds to the refrigerator. She fills her glass with water from the door of the refrigerator, and walks over to the window, staring out reflecting on the night before. Sarah’s mother, Rose enters the kitchen wearing a long plush red robe. Rose is a 66 year old woman, who could easily pass for a woman in her 50’s. Rose is in touch with current times, and thinks that people should blaze their own trails, but still at heart believes the old fashioned way is the best way. She peeps around Sarah to catch a glimpse of Sarah’s facial expression.

ROSE – “Good morning. So how was your evening out with Harry?”
SARAH – “His name was Brad, mama.”
ROSE – “Harry? Brad? Does it really matter?” Rose stares out the window with Sarah. “All I’m saying is, you met the man online, so is he really even gonna to be around long enough for me to remember his name?”
SARAH (Shaking her head with a smirk) “Oh, mama. It was nice. He was a gentleman and there was great conversation. I think like him so far.”
Rose searches out Sarah’s face for any sign of untruth, in her nosey manner.
ROSE – “Mmm hmm. Okay, well as long as you had a nice time.”
SARAH – “That I did. Well, I’m meeting Tammie and Nicole at the gym, so I’ve gotta run, okay?” Sarah hugs Rose. “Have I told you lately how much I really appreciate you coming to stay here, and helping out with the girls? I really don’t know what I’d do without you.”

ROSE – “Yes, but a mother can never get tired of hearing how much she’s appreciated dear. ” Rose smiles. “Now go on before you’re late, but knowing you, you already are.”
Sarah laughs and kisses her mother on the cheek, and heads out.
ROSE- Shakes her head and smiles “Bye baby. That child’s gonna be late for her own funeral.”
Sarah pulls into a parking spot at the gym and steps out of her truck. She is wearing sunglasses, sweatshirt and yoga pants still hugging her shapely rear.
A guy in the parking lot approaches Sarah. She smiles and says “Hello”. Sarah approaches another man coming out of the gym door, and he doubles back to open the door for Sarah.  “Why thank you?
Guy at gym door – Anytime. (Stares and smiles)
Inside, Mark, one of the gym owners, shouts in Sarah’s direction. Mark is a married 31 year old, dark hair, dark skin, blue eyed gorgeous Italian man, who shamelessly flirts with Sarah to no end.
MARK (Shouting in Sara’s direction) – “Sarah!”
SARAH – ‘Hi Mark.” Sarah walks over to the cooler and grabs a water, then walks to the counter, where Mark is answering the phone.
MARK – “It’s been a while.” (Kissing Sarah’s hand)
SARAH –  “Yes, it has, but I’m back now.” Sarah puts down two dollars. Mark shoves it back. Sarah thanks him and leaves for the locker room where she meets Nicole.
Nicole is a 34 year old Italian/German, brunette, recently divorced, but newly engaged single mom of 2, who met Sarah through work and has been Sarah’s friend for 6 years. Nicole closes her locker door and sees Sarah enter the locker room.
NICOLE – “Hey girl!” Sarah and Nicole exchange a hug and kiss on cheek.
SARAH – “Hey sweetie! Tammie here yet?” Sarah removes her sweatshirt revealing her top curves.
NICOLE – “Girl, you know she is. She’s on the treadmill already.”
SARAH – “She couldn’t wait?! Geez. You would think they were giving out a free penis for every 5 minutes spent on the treadmill.”
NICOLE (Giggling deviously hard) – “Well, if that were the case my brother would be the first one up in here like “Heyyyy, How you doing?” (making the Wendy Williams “how you doing face”) Sarah and Nicole laugh out loud together, as everyone in the locker room stares at them. Nicole looks around annoyed at everyone in the locker room. NICOLE – “Yes, it was funny. Running for penis. You had to be there.” Sarah and Nicole look at each other and giggle more, but quietly as they walk out of the locker room and head over to the treadmills.
Sarah steps onto the treadmill next to Tammie, and Nicole on the right side of Sarah. Tammie hard at work on the treadmill, glances over as not to break her stride. Tammie is Sarah’s friend of 12 years. Married, mother of 3 boys, Tammie is a 41 year old Puerto Rican woman, but is often mistaken for Caucasian. She has battled with her weight in the past so she possess full curves.
TAMMIE – “You’re late.” (Taking steady breaths)
Sarah glances back at Tammie, smirking and starting her machine.
SARAH  – “You say that as if you’re surprised.”
TAMMIE – “Okay” (pause) “so” (pause) “last night, dish.”
NICOLE – ” Yeah, I hope you didn’t think we forgot. So how was it?”
SARAH – “I thought you guys wanted to meet here to get our cardio on, not to get all up in my business! I mean is that all I am to you two lately, a source of adult entertainment?” Sarah increases the speed on the treadmill as if to out walk their constant questions.
NICOLE – “Oh c’mon! I’m planning a wedding. I need something entertaining, because picking out china patterns is boring as shit, and sampling all of the caterers’ menus is making my ass droop.” Nicole pauses then takes a deep breath. “You know what, on second thought, how about you tell me how you got started with this whole online dating thing anyways? I mean I see guys in here checking you out, so why the need for a dating site?”
SARAH – “Well, first of all, dating someone here would be like dating someone in the workplace, and that’s a big no-no.”
TAMMIE (Interrupting Sarah) – “Yeah, we all remember how that worked out. (snickering) Who knew your little ass could flip a desk like that?” Sarah looks at Tammie and sneers.
SARAH – “As I was saying, it’s just hard to meet someone during my normal, day to day routine. I don’t get out as much as I used, I have the girls to lookout for. I mean the girls are gone every weekend, but I just haven’t been the one to bump into my Prince Charming on aisle 6 yet, but I will answer your question.” Sarah takes a deep breath. “I decided to give it a try when…”





(2008 Northern New Jersey)

Sarah is a 36 year old, single mom of two daughters, who is trying internet dating for the first time. She is on her way to a first dinner date, traveling a route in which she’s unfamiliar. She is originally from a town in South Carolina with two traffic lights so driving to a new big city can be a challenge for Sarah. She drives and scans the highway for signs, then reaches over to the passenger seat in frustration for a print out of the directions. She reads over the directions and looks back at the highway signs, then pulls up to the toll to get a ticket and continues.

SARAH – (talking to self and glancing down at Mapquest directions)”I so need a GPS. Oh okay, I need to stay on 78 East to Columbus road. Okay, I need to get over to the left.” Sarah quickly realizes that two eighteen wheelers have blocked the lane Sarah needs to cross to get over. Sarah begins to panic because all signs ahead are 95 North and 95 South. “C’mon…I need to get over! You’ve gotta be shittin’ me!” Sarah misses her exit and continues onto the wrong highway. “Nooo…oh nooo! Shit, shit, shit!” (Banging on the steering wheel) Sarah sees a sign reading next exit 3 miles. She glances at the time and realizes that she is already 15 minutes late as it is, and becomes so frustrated. Being through this many times before, Sarah begins to feel the start of an orgasm brought on by her frustration. She tries to suppress it, but she knows it only makes it more intense, so she begins to just breathe with it, slow and deep breaths, still focusing on the road. She decides to ride it out. As she climaxes, she let’s out high pitched moan with a tremor along with several deep breaths, trying to keep her eyes from rolling in the back of her head.

There is an older couple in a car passing Sarah on the highway. The elderly lady seated on the passenger side looks out of the passenger side window, nodding her head matter-of-factly, then glances over to her husband who happens to be driving. Elderly lady “See dear, I’m not the only one who enjoys a good sing-a-long during the car ride.” The elderly woman’s husband looks past his wife out of the passenger side window at Sarah with a perplexed look then smiles. He looks back at the road ahead shaking his head and responds, “Well if you looked like that I’d be singing too.” Elderly lady elbows husband and looks ahead angrily.

Sarah, still exasperated from her orgasm, she gets off at the next exit, pulls up to a traffic light next to a black SUV, honks her horn to get their attention, rolls down the passenger side window. The driver rolls down his window. SARAH, “Excuse me. (Slightly panting) Can you tell me how to get to 10th and Erie?” The two guys in the SUV stare at Sarah for a moment before speaking, with slight confusion.

DRIVER- “I can take you there if you want?”

PASSENGER (Whispering and nudging the driver)- “Hell yeah!”

DRIVER- “If you want me to, Mami, I’ve got you.”

Sarah notices how attractive they both are, their Puerto Rican flag hanging on the rear view mirror and the sounds of Latin music spilling out of their window. Sarah, still light-headed from her orgasm is apprehensive, but is anxious to reach her destination. She glances at the road ahead. SARAH- “Well, okay. Would you? Thank you so much!”

As Sarah sits in the restaurant parking lot, she looks in her driver side mirror. She fixes her hair, reapplies lip gloss, adjust her breasts, looks down and glances down at her crotch area, looks back up into the mirror and sighs. Inside the restaurant, Sarah walks in and searches the bar for her date. He waves her over to their table. Anticipation comes over Sarah as she approaches her date. All of the men in the bar watch her every move, as her hips dip with each step. She walks up to her date and greets him with a hug and kiss. He then helps her remove her coat and asks her to have a seat. Brad is Sarah’s date for the evening, and this is his first time meeting Sarah.

SARAH- “I’m so sorry for…” Brad interrupts with a smile.

BRAD- “Don’t worry about being late.” Brad looks at the waiter standing by. The waiter approaches.

WAITER- “Good evening. May I start you off with something to drink?”

SARAH- “Absolutely! I so need a drink. Red would be perfect!” Waiter hands her a wine list.

WAITER- ” This Cabernet I have is really nice.” Sarah nods in agreement, and hands the menu back to the waiter. WAITER- “Very well.”

Waiter leaves the table. Sarah exhales one last time.

SARAH- “First, thank you and again I want to apologize for being late.”

BRAD- “Don’t worry about it. You’re here now, and that’s what counts. So tell me about yourself” as he smiles at Sarah.

Sarah takes a deep breath and with a slight devilish grin, SARAH- “Well, I get lost a lot.”