What Online Dating Taught Me About Myself

What Online Dating Taught Me About Myself

Hi All! I know it’s been a while, but so many things have taken place. I lost my dear, sweet mother who has been very ill for quite sometime, so I just needed a bit to get myself together.  There’s nothing like a loss of this magnitude to really place things into perspective.  I thank her for all that she’s ever done for me, everything she’s ever taught and for always believing in me…telling me that I could do and be anything I wanted…even a writer. Thank you mama.

During my little break, I also had the pleasure of having an article, What Online Dating Taught Me About Myself, published in the fabulous Social Lifestyle Magazine.  I thank them for the opportunity, and cannot wait to contribute more!!!

Check it out below:

It’s hard to believe how many single people have not given online dating a whirl yet.  The world we live in has many hidden dangers, so it is of course important to practice safety first in any situation, but do you think you really know any more about the guy/girl you meet in Starbucks, or at the dog park, than you know about the person you meet online, other than perhaps their true height?  The answer is no, so why not give it shot and learn some pretty, fascinating things about yourself in the process.  Read more here: What Online Dating Taught Me About Myself

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